My late grandfather, Shri Ghanshyam das Kotawala, the son of Late Shri Madan Lal ji Kotawala,

founded GDK JEWELS PVT. LTD in 1942 under the legal name. He began his profession in the jewellery industry by trading gemstones, basra pearls & loose diamonds in the historic city of Kota, Rajasthan.  He relocated to Jaipur in search of greater business possibilities, and after a wonderful few years there, he ultimately came to Delhi in 1948 and opened first jewellery and gems wholesale office in Maliwara with his brother under name GOKUL DASS & Co. They initially started with the production of silver jewellery beside gemstone trading. however partnership with his broker did not last very long and he decided to start his own journey. My Father Mr. Anil Kotawala joined business at a very young age to support him and saw oppurtunity in Studded Jewellery Manufacturing in Gold and started with Diamond and precious Gemstone manufacturing in 1981 on a small scale, later on incorporating GHANSHYAM DAS KOTAWALA PVT. LTD in 1990. Ghanshyam Das Kotawala is a brand that sells high-end bridal jewellery and jewellery with coloured diamonds under the GDK Jewels Private Limited umbrella. We now work with 40 to 50 merchants who always reach out to us for fine jewellery, bridal jewellery, and couter jewellery.


GDK Jewels Private Limited is currently based in the capital city of India New Delhi, its origin however can be traced back to the historic city of Kota (Rajasthan). A pioneer in the jewellery industry, company deals in premium segment of gold jewellery studded with diamonds, solitaires and precious & semi-precious stones. Currently run by the 9th. generation of Kotawala family, GDK Jewels has stood against the test of time with its constant vision for the future and its eternal nod towards the rich heritage of its origin in Rajasthan.

GDK Jewels Private Limited is a Indian Jewellery manufacturing company having its registered trademark of “Kotawala”. Company is originally founded by Late Shri Ghanshyam Das Kotawala son of Late Shri Madan Lal Ji Kotawala, who started his journey in the field of Jewellery with trading of Diamonds and Precious & Sesemi Precious  stones in 1955 from Kota Rajastan. In 1965, he shifted to the Jaipur (Rajasthan) which is known for its Jewellery manufacturing and trading worldwide, looking for better opportunities. After gaining experience for 10 years in Jaipur, he moved to Delhi, the capital city of India in 1975 and started his first silver jewellery manufacturing partnership fir under the name of Ghanshyam Das Kotawala & Company.

For over 180 years, we have scouted the world to acquire the best stones available in relentless pursuit of excellence. GDK Jewels now does business with the biggest names within the industry in countries like Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Israel and Hong Kong. Our global standards of design and manufacturing are appreciated by all and inspire countless new start-ups.

Our products are timeless testimony to our philosophy. Sophisticated, awe-inspiring, elegant designs that spark a reverie with every glance dispersed at them. Inspired by Mother Nature and the cosmos, they strike a fine balance between elegant design and meticulous craftsmanship.

Designed to bear the name of our Forefathers, we ensure that every piece meets our standards through quality assurance. Our jewellery is designed to last for generations and each design is reinforced for extra strength and durability.